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This is a page to share with you all what we are going through right now; what we are learning, and what we are struggling through, in hopes that we can inspire some of you to research new ways to work through the issues in your own lives.  

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Max is back...

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, October 31, 2011, In : Reactivity Training 
The tricks are going well, Kenzie is finally "sitting pretty" on her own, it took her quite a while to have the confidence to try to balance herself. I am still working on a really strong paw swiping over the eyes/nose, I call it "shy?". She does it great while lying on her side, but we are working on it while sitting or standing now. She has "say your prayers" down! I think that is her favorite trick as of now, it is really cute.

Oh, so new news, I had to go pick Max up from his adopt...
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Turkey Garlic Treats!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, In : Treats! 
Here is my recipe for dog treats, I finally wrote it down as I was making them! Unfortunately for anyone who is trying to repeat one of my "creations", I am a throw-it-together, we-dont-need-no-stinking-measuring devices, kind of person. But I did finally buckle down and write things out as I did them.

Things you need:
Ground Turkey Meat: 5.25lbs
Oats: 4 Cups
Bone Meal (optional): 1.25 cups
Powdered or Minced Garlic: 2 Tbsp
Freezer baggies

You want a ratio of 1 cup of flour to 1lb of ground meat. ...
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APDT Conference 2011!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Sunday, October 23, 2011, In : Dog Training 

I just got back from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference in San Diego, and it went great! I met a lot of new friends and great speakers and authors. It was wonderful, because everyone you talked to had the same love of dogs at the core of why they were there. I loved learning so much, and hearing the stories of my new friends and all of the success stories they have of dogs and their people they have been able to help.

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A new way

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, October 3, 2011, In : Agility: Foundation 
So, I have been pulling my hair out trying to make the trkman method of Running Contacts work for us. It has been 6 months, 3 of which I worked on it very diligently. I did not know what I was going to do, when a completely new method came to me (as far as I know its new, anyway). It seems so obvious, but simple in regards to training theory. While I was excited to try this new method, a part of me thought that it was pointless, because who am I? How could I come up with my own method that is...
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Weave Pole Training

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Sunday, October 2, 2011, In : Agility: Foundation 
So, I just got Susan Garrets DVD 2x2 weaves, and I am ready to get started! She says that you can  teach a dog to weave 12 poles in 12 days, so I am ready to put it to the test! I actually am not surprised by this, if you and your dog are shaping savvy. So I am very excited to get started and see how it goes.

Kenzie did great at our group class last week. I was thrilled that by the end of class, she was actually calm enough to be able to demonstrate how to be shaped for new behaviors.

Her tee...
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