So yesterday was our second and third running contacts training sessions. I pretty much spent the whole time trying to figure out how to get her to run FAST across the board, while also staying on it the whole way. I figured out that I can put her in a stay on the board, then throw the ball straight and she will stay on it, but if my throw is off a tiny bit (which it usually is), she does not make it to the end. I have to figure out how to make her successful. Whether that is preliminary work, or setting things up so that she cannot fail, I am not sure yet. Today I am going to try putting gate up on either side of the board at beginning and end, and then just sending her through it kinda like a tunnel: go, then throw the ball. I hope that this will get great speed out of her, and also set her up for 100% correct behavior.

So yesterday I moved to the pvc jumps to practice the set point drill, and got her up to 16"!!! I then lowered it and rewarded her for working so hard. We came back to it a little later and tried it at 20, but since it is a little above her head, she said "nope!" and went around it. So we went back to 16 and ended on that, then went back to 20 and did the shaping the jump exercise we started with: I just stand there beside the jump with the clicker and wait for her to take the jump, then reward. She went under the jump a few times, then jumped it! She jumped it twice, then we called it a day. I needed her to look at that jump at 20" and say "I can jump that".