So, I did go back and try the gates on all four corners of the board, and it worked GREAT! I was very happy with it. BUT, after doing a lot of reading on Silvia Trkman's website, I decided that we have not done enough speed training. The way I see it is; if you cannot describe your dog as a bullet ready to be steered, then you have not done enough speed training! So this is what I am going to be focusing on for the next week or so. I know that she has it in her...after just one 4 min session of speed training, I saw a HUGE difference in her speed, just running after her ball in our yard! I am also going to be working on the "bang game" with the teeter, and shaping the wrap of a jump wing, then working that into a send. Once I have the send/wrap, I can further my speed training and will be able to do a lot more "practicing" running her fast on an actual agility fun!
So what kind of speed training are we doing? I am going to keep her play sessions short, but very intense. I will put her in a stay, then take off running at full speed, then release her with a toy and clicker in my hand. When she is running at full speed, I will click (or say a breathy "yes") and then throw the toy as far as I can. I will continue running in her direction until she slows to get the toy (this is teaching her to still watch my body language), then spin and run the other way, hopefully she will chase me (she has not done this full speed yet, so I hope it will come soon). No more half speed will be all or nothing (though I have a feeling that will be easier said than done).