So we were doing wonderfully with kenzie running through the tunnel and then down the board, but then when I reversed the tunnel so that I would run down the other side of the board, she started jumping and doing something weird with her gait. So I lowered the board down to flat on the ground again and then had a shaping session to the end of the board once more. Since I had lowered it back down to flat on the ground, I decided that it was the perfect time to switch to the skinnier board (the one we started with that she was jumping off). I did the same shaping exercise to the end of the board, but then when we got to full speed, she started jumping off the end, grrr. So I actually buried it in the ground on one end, so that it looked as thin as the wide board (as opposed to the ridiculous 4" thick it is), and that is was just at an angle already. This definitely helped, it made her stop jumping, but I was not getting that really great stride that she was consistently giving with the wide board. Then I had a "DUH" moment and realized that the skinny board was 4' shorter than the wide one, so no wonder she was giving me a different gait!!!! So I added a 4' section to the skinny board, and BAM! Perfect runs since then =) I am making sure that I am running both sides of the board multiple times per session, even if it is awkward with the tunnel.